Slava Semerikov

Born in Russia in 1949. Graduated in 1977 from the Academy of Arts of the Estonia.
Has worked as illustrator of books since 1975.
Diploma "The Golden Pen" of Belgrad 1975.
Winner of the Posters Competition  Tallinn  1976.
Winner of the XIV International Book Art contest  Tallinn 1984.
The annual prize of the Union of Slavic Educational and Cultural Societies 2000.
Diploma of watercolour international exhibition of art, Klaipeda-2005.Latvia.
1-st award of Drawing Exhibition, Kohtla-Jarve , Estonia 2006
Awarded the diploma of international watercolour biennal "Baltic Bridges", Kaunas-2008. Lithuania. Baron Tailor award, Paris 2014.


Private exhibitions in:
1988  Art Center, Tallinn, Estonia.
1988  Herman`s Castle, Narva, Estonia.
1990  Gallery "Pictum", Sysma, Finland.
1990  Center of Art, Moscow.

1991- T.I.A.S. Tokyo Intrernational Art Show (catalog)

1991  Gallery "Nihon Bijutsu International", Nagano.
1992  Gallery "Pro Finance", Stockholm, Sweden.
1994  Bank of Credit, Narva, Estonia.
1994  "Matriarchy".Russian embassy gallery,Tallinn, Estonia.(catalog)
1997  "La Gallerie Passage", Tallinn, Estonia
1999  Gallery "Sammas", "Viva Matriarchy", Tallinn, Estonia.
2000   Hotel "Olympia". Cafe "L'Artistic".Tallinn, Estonia.
2001  Art Divertisment "Lyon-Tallinn, Printemps 2001". France (catalog)
2002  Gallery "Haus". Drawings.Talinn
2002  "Dolce Far Niente". Villa Ammende. Estonia.
2004  "Mythes and Persons."Russian Dramathic theater's  gallery.Tallinn
2004   "Reflections", Villa Ammende. Estonia.
2006  -"Status Club" gallery Tallinn
2007  "Sequences" Buenos Aires gallery.
2008  "36 Kisses" Gallery 36.

2008-2009 "Motifs:Nord & South" Villa Ammende, Estonia

2009- "Taste of Life", Absurdum Art gallery,Tallinn
2009- "Episodes" SED ARTE gallery,+gallery SEB,Tallinn (leaflet)

2013- "Kamerton", russian theater gallery, Tallinn

2013- "Episodes" Country Club de Paris, France (leaflet)



2013-  "Automn salon". Grand Palais. Paris, France (catalog)

2013- SALON DU DESSIN ET DE LA PENTURE A L'EAU. Paris Grand Palais (catalog)

2014- GNB. Gallery Natalie Boldyreff. Paris,France.

2014- Chato De Grushi. Paris, France.

Lives and works in Tallinn.